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Our training is focused on educating divers in the appropriate working skills that are required to start working in the area of choice and develop advanced skills and knowledge for those who need moves forward within their career. Our educational methods are proven and at the same time we encourage new ways of learning giving our students a significant advantage over other divers in the industry, therefore providing a solid education from which they could build up a successful profession and be leaders in their communities.

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All courses will be debate it with an instructor in the discussion panel of each course.

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You can participate, ask question and interact with other participants in the discussion panel of each course.


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The library is a collection of sources of information about diving, researched, technical diving, scientific diving, archaeology, physiology, public safety, etc.    

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This section provides an overview of how the human body responds to the varied conditions of diving.

Describe diving-related medical symptoms.

Which procedures you may take to diminish the probability of Decompression illness.

A discipline within archaeology as a whole that specifically studies human interaction with the sea, lakes and rivers through the study of associated physical remains.

Introduction to public safety diving and develop the necessary knowledge for those who take administrative decision on public dive teams.

Develop the necessary skills and concepts to successfully identify common families reef fish.

Develop the concepts and skills to understand how to repair scuba regulators.



Then and Now: How learning to dive has changed

Do you want to learn Scuba Diving, read this first: Today’s instructors are teaching in a different academic environment than past years. More than 25 years ago the diving community was led by oils companies, a handful of few small civil communities and Navy.   The oil companies invested a lot in researched, in developing […]

Understanding the importance of underwater archaeology

Understanding the importance of underwater archaeology: An abstract The sea level has influenced humans since the beginning. The action associated with the rise of body water (glacial- interglacial climatic cycle) changed the paleography of the continental shelf which means that one-time marine environments now can be populate it by human (even for prehistoric human occupation). […]